1) Chang, Andrew (Rev.)

General Secretary, NCC-Taiwan; Moderator, Churches’ Forum


2) Christie, Catherine (Rev.)

Ecumenical Coworker from United Church of Canada with NCCK


3) Choi, Young Woong (Rev.)

PCK Representative


4) Chung, Ju Jin (Dr.)

Lecturer, Hanshin University; Translator


5) Crutchfield, Melissa

Assistant General Secretary, International Disaster Relief UMCOR


6) Eduarte, Asuncion

Director, UMCOR Phillipines


7) Fujimori, Yoshi

Secretary for International Affairs, Church of Christ in Japan


8) Grohs, Doris

Programme Officer, East Asia Mission 21


9) Genung, Claudia (Rev.)

Ecumenical Coworker from United Methodist, USA, with NCCJ


10) Heo, Bakki (Rev.)

Minister, Korean Christian Church in Japan


11) Hong, Song Wan (Rev.)

General Secretary, Korean Christian Church in Japan


12) Hsu, Victor



13) Ito, Yoko

Church World Service, Japan


14) Kato, Makoto (Rev.)

Executive Secretary, Ecumenical Ministry, United Church of Christ, Japan


15) Kim, Dong Sung (Rev.)

WCC Asia Regional Relations


16) Kim, Il Whan (Rev.)

General Secretary, Korea Christian Service


17) Kim, Hyeon Ho(Rev.)

Anglican Ecumenical Officer


18) Kim, Kyung In (Rev.)

CWMEAR Representative


19) Kim, Young Ju (Rev.)

General Secretary, National Council of Churches in Korea


20) Lee, Hun sam (Rev.)

Director, Department of Justice and Peace, NCCK


21) Lee, Seung Youl (Rev.)

Executive Secretary of Social Service Ministry, PCK


22) Managbanag, Emmeline

Senior Program Advisor, Church World Service/Pakistan-Afghanistan


23) Mensendiek, Jeffrey

Sendai Emmaus Centre, Mission Coworker from Global Ministries


24) Nduna, John (Dr.)

General Secretary ACT Alliance


25) Ng, Peter (Rev.)

Partnership Officer, Asia, Episcopal Church USA


26) Noh, Jong Sun (Rev.)

Professor emeritus Yonsei Univ.; member Reunification Cmt.; Translator


27) Po, Kam Cheong (Rev.)

General Secretary, Hong Kong Christian Council


28) Roh, Hye Min (Rev.)

Staff, NCCK


29) Shastri, Herman (Rev. Dr.)

General Secretary, Malaysia Council of Churches


30) Shin, Seung Min (Rev.)

PROK Ecumenical Officer


31) Sun, Choul Kyu

Acting General Secretary of The Board of Laity & Social Responsibility, KMC


31) Ueda, Hiroko (Rev.)

General Secretary, NCC JAPAN


32) Yoshida, Takashi

Sendai Christian Alliance Disaster Relief Network


33) Yukimoto, Hisashi Correspondent, Ecumenical News International


34) Zhu, Xiaoling (Rev.)

Area Executive for East Asia and the Pacific, Common Global Ministries Board of Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and United Church of Christ



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