A Covenant Agreement of Partnership
The Korean Christian Church in Japan and Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)


The Korean Christian Church in Japan (KCCJ) and the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) give thanks to God for the traditions from which they sprang. Since 1973, our two churches have developed meaningful Christian ties and encounters through the Japan-North American Commission on Cooperative Mission (JNAC). Through our fellowship, we have encouraged each other in our mission work in Japan, and shared a common vision and call to the fulfillment of God’s love in the world. KCCJ, especially, recognizes PCUSA’s concerns and advocate support to KCCJ’s struggle for the human rights of Koreans in Japan.

Our two churches now affirm a new deeper relation of partnership in mission based upon our common belief that Jesus Christ is the Lord. As partners in Christ, we pledge ourselves to work together to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ so that God’s power of salvation will be manifested to all nations. We affirm the unity of the Church under the Lordship of Jesus Christ and will work together to demonstrate in the world God’s justice, peace, love and reconciliation. To do so, we agree to exchange information to enable us to understand each other’s context and to fulfill our commitment of mutual mission and solidarity.

We will promote mission partner relationships and the sharing of people so as to provide opportunities for participation in the lives and ministries of our respective churches.

A consultation may be held as needed to study new developments in each context for mission and to explore together matters of theology, mission policy and development.

All communication in carrying out the partner relationship shall take place between the office of the General Assembly of the Korea Christian Church in Japan and the Worldwide Ministries Division of the General Assembly Council of the Presbyterian Church of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).

Review and Evaluation:
We agree to review and evaluate this partner relationship periodically, trusting God will leave us into deeper a mutual understanding and relationship in mission.

(Date) April 15, 2007

Moderator SungWoo Lee
Korean Christian Church in Japan

Moderator Joan S. Gray
Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

General Secretary SoKil Park
Korean Christian Church in Japan

Director William Brown
Worldwide Ministries Division
General Assembly Council


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